Furu Furu Furu Tanabata!

by slyborg

Happened to be at the local Nipponese grocery this evening and remembered it was Tanabata 七夕 tonight when I spotted this:

Not the most impressive Tanabata bush, but hey.

Think you find the same general things on tanzaku everywhere…

What do cats wish for?

Or maybe not:

Glorious Leader will purge this with nuclear fire

They ran out of paper slips, so I had to write mine on the back of a Pastry House Hippo receipt :/

As it happens, we also have the midsummer Full Moon high overhead tonight, so Orihime and Hikoboshi should be able to reunite happily this year.

Hope everyone’s wishes come true, and that everyone is having a nice summer…

One Comment to “Furu Furu Furu Tanabata!”

  1. I wish for a proofreader + cats :3

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