About the team

(Staff bios coming probably never ;-;)

Rayleigh – Cleaner/Typesetter

slyborg – Editor/Typesetter, Proofreader, Translator of 易い日本語

Inactive / Retired / Moved to Astral Plane

shane – Cleaner/Typesetter, Proofreader

Athos – Typesetter, borrowed from [Maigo]

GreenTea – Founder; Typesetter/Cleaner, Sunset Chap

straykumo – Translator, Editor

taketori – Cleaner, Typesetter

Umin – Translator, Proofreader, Typesetter on occasion

pseu – Proofreader

localhost – Bringer of raws

ariel – Proofreader

bulan – Typesetter, Proofreader

chaosof99 – Translator, Proofreader

Frozen – Proofreader

hika – Translator

Hipek – Raw Finder, occasional cleaner

IO – Proofreader

Kaijin – Editor, Proofreader

ketsuban – Moth, occasional Cleaner, Typesetter, Proofreader

KimmyKat – Proofreader

Masada-chan – Typesetter

mekishikonoanonFounder; Translator, Troller of IRC channel

♂♀ – Typesetter-like being that would rather like to stay anonymous

Oyashiro – Founder; IRC Channel Owner, Editor/Typesetter, Proofreader

Sari – Translator, loyal vidya-loving loving waifu

SoulZedge – Typesetter

TanteiSakana – Typesetter

TypeR – Translator

Vega – Proofreader

Wutz – Typesetter, Proofreader

PROTIP: = Just don’t tell 

15 Comments to “About the team”

  1. >Proofreader: Oyashira

  2. Thank you for you work on Sayonara Zetsoubou sensei !
    Can you translate the volume10,11 and 12 because you begin with the 13… And it will be very cool to see the previous volume…
    Please tell me if you have to project to translate it or not.

    Keep rocking on your excellent work.


  3. …did you guys ever think about adding Kumeta-sensei on Facebook or something like that?
    idk i just thought it would be interesting if you guys did…

  4. Thx for your work.

  5. << big fan of greentea 🙂

  6. Go.. Aki Sora!
    Go.. Go.. Go.. \(^o^),

  7. irc is broken, guise.

  8. ada org indo toh…

  9. i wonder do u guys got twitter? or will u have one? :O

  10. Whoever is in charge of uploading the scanlations to online manga sites forgot to upload the epilogue chapter for Prisma Illya on kissmanga and tenmanga, and the Prisma Illya 2wei extra chapters and special chapters on tenmanga.

    • FYI, that’s almost never someone in the actual scanlation group, since I’d rather be trapped in a blazing upside-down gasoline tanker with a pack of enraged hyenas than lift a finger to help an aggregator site profit on our work.

  11. excuse me, i want translate Girl, “Broom, & Tomato Sauce” to other language, please allow me

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