Not So FAQ

Who are you people?
Suimasen Scans are a group originating from 4chan’s /a/ board, working in our early days by dumping raws and translating them amongst ourselves. Obviously, that’s very difficult to do, due to the anonymous nature of the board, the difficulty in organizing manpower, flood control, GIRUGAMESH spam, etc. Today we work primarily via e-mail and IRC. The group expanded from initial scanlations on Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei to focus on additional works by mangaka Kōji Kumeta. Along the way, we’ve picked up some random titles cunningly designed to attract hentai, which naturally are our most popular work :/

Did you guys misspell ‘sumimasen’ for your name?
GreenTea came up with the name, and mekishiko explains that its a slang term for saying sumimasen, gomen kudasai, gomen ne, etc. Mekishiko and GreenTea have proven nothing but competent at what they do, so I’ll take their word for it.
(Note by Kasu: Also, if you’ve ever seen parts of the Anime or are able to read hiragana and thus have taken a peek into the manga, you’ll notice that our lovely Ai Kaga always uses “Suimasen”. Without the m. Btw, “suimasen” can also mean “I don’t smoke” or “I don’t breathe.”)

Oh hai, you must be new. We typically get a chapter done within a day to a week, depending on the schedules of our workers.

You made a mistake here.
Well, drop us a line at our email or comment the blog, and we may fix it in a version 2 if the QUALITY warrants it.

Why do you guys do some fansubban?
The group had a brief foray into the field subbing Zan in 2009 until encountering headwinds in the form of incompetent encoding and [gg]. Then the surprise announcement of the Kaizō OVAs and the realization that they wouldn’t be subbed by anyone else, along with a last blast of agitation by meki, revived the Fansub Division for this one project. Most people have no idea how much effort it requires to produce a fansub, it’s mostly grunt labor and would cost at least $1200-$1500 an episode to do with real workers. It’s a labor of love, much like the shitty cupcakes your little sister made for you when she was 10, so please accept our sorry subs in the same spirit…

Will there ever be another SZS anime?
Who knows, but probably unlikely, the DVDs for the last season in 2009, Zan, did not sell well. That said, US sales of the Del Rey tankoubons have apparently been decent, so perhaps overseas interest could prompt another effort. On the other hand, as fans of anime will know, it’s pretty rare to have even popular series continue beyond a third outing, cf. for example Ah! Megami-sama!

Do you ph33r the wrath of Glorious Nippon publishing empire?
Eh? No. We do this for fun and because we enjoy the titles we work on and want to share them in English. The titles we do are by and large niche and unlicensed in the US, with the exception of SZS, which is currently at Volume 7. When they catch up with our work, we will see; many countries don’t have SZS licensed. All that said, we encourage people to buy the titles if available in your area, and keep Kumeta-sensei supplied with cup ramen and those little cans of coffee.

What’s up with all the Germans?

Will you scanlate X into language Y?
English, do you speak it? No? Then how are you reading this?

15 Comments to “Not So FAQ”

  1. I hate to bring this up now, but did we just misspell “sumimasen” or is “suimasen” some kind of idiosyncrasy of Ai’s?

    • Mekishiko says that its slang for saying sumimasen, gomen kudasai, gomen ne, etc. I suppose its also an idiosyncrasy of Ai’s as well. That’s actually the second time we’ve been asked that, so I guess I’ll add it to the FAQ.

  2. Hey guys,
    Thanks a bunch for scanlating SZS and subbing Zan-SZS! Looking forward to your releases! I was actually thinking for a second that no group was going to pick this up because of the many cultural references and type setting. Then I saw your releases. Good stuff and keep up the work! ZSZS+Gintama =Great day.

  3. somehow i find this blog’s FAQ section to be the most amusing one (apart from the release one)

  4. Hey guys, doing a great work first of all!

    I was curious why the Zetsubou Sensei manga is imposible to find completly scanlated anywhere, there is -huge- gaps and stuff. I have tried asking everywhere, but i just don’t get it…

    Not beeing able to read my favorite manga has left me in despair!

  5. Huh.. I came back from Jp with a small stack of SZS tankoban,
    but can’t read them. Duh! I can’t even figure out the vol. numbers. That being said, do you need any? I would assume that you have all the raws you could possibly need for this series, as SZS is readily available in book off’s etc all over jp.

    Guess I could pay more attention to one of the scanning tutorials out there, and leave a pile on mediafire or ??

    Thanks for the great work. I still don’t understand why I
    enjoy SZS so much, but I am glad you are releasing them.

    • We’re actually good on SZS raws through Volume 20, plus some additional mag scans beyond that. The issue with SZS is that it is just very hard to translate for someone who is not a native speaker of both languages because of all the wordplay Kumeta-sensei uses – not to mention the infamous lists of incredibly obscure inside jokes!

      This is why few scanlation groups have taken SZS on, but we will hopefully continue to make our sorry offerings as we can…

  6. thanks for the scans ^^ jst out of curiosity, are you guyys gonna scan all the chapters that was removed on mangafox?

    • No. All of these are part of what has already been released by DelRey/Kodansha USA as books in English, as well as by Pika Édition in French. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to get those books.

  7. Looking forward to your release of the final Katte ni Kaizou episode 🙂

  8. Hello! I’am Angelique-Sama, a translator of Neko の Fansub. We request your traduction of Getenrou for Spanish’s translation, please. My email is We can add your credits’ page or a link in our list of projects in progress when your response is affirmative. Thanks very much. Your blog is great!

  9. 100% random question… Would you do series (mostly short ones) on commission? Just out of curiosity, I got my hands on a few raws of series unfortunately never translated into any language and it’s annoying…

    • We don’t do anything that involves revenue gathering because we’re old skool that way.
      We’d do a series if it interested us, but being perfectly honest here, we’re a tiny group of mostly oldfags and don’t have much bandwidth for scanlation these days…

  10. Hello! I’m Nana Walker, translator of Pabre Scans (a new Scanlation blog). I request your traduction of Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin for Spanish’s translation, please. My email is Thank you very much!

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