Google Web Fonts

I’ve decided to create a category for some slightly more technical notes on scanlation for the edification of the staff, beginning with Google’s “web fonts”. The GOOG decided that it needed a set of standard fonts (that it didn’t need to license from existing type foundries) that could be used via the @font-face CSS attribute to expand the fonts available for web design beyond those in the “standard” set. This set of freely usable fonts has now grown to beyond 600 typefaces, and includes decorative fonts of interest to the scanlation typesetter.

The canonical site for these fonts is Google’s project page: Here’s a page with a subset Google’s fonts some type geeks consider “professional” – I just like the presentation:

While intended to be delivered dynamically to a browser page by a web site and the @font-face attribute, these are generic TTF Truetype fonts, and Google makes it extremely easy to use them. From Google’s picker, you can use “Add to collection” to mark fonts and then use the “Download your collection” to pull down a ZIP file of all of those fonts.


You will note that the available fonts now includes virtual clones of just about every design font used in scanlation, including in “Mountains of Christmas” a lookalike of our old SZS chapter title font Randumhouse. One thing you will not find are traditional comics “lettering” fonts like Anime Ace or Wild Words. There are a couple in there that might be usable for certain uses as a dialog font, but in general, I think you’re going to better off with the standards here.

In any case, if you’re browsing for in particular handwriting or background signage fonts, this is a good option to consider.

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