IRC for Young People

IRC is Internet Relay Chat (wikip)

Its origins lie in ancient BBS chat programs from the dark ages before Al Gore invented the Internet and moot invented imageboards. Despite its venerability, it handles large numbers of simultaneous users in a single chat group well, and with server-side implementation of things like persistent channels is an ideal environment for low-overhead ad-hoc messaging. Also, TEH HACKERS use it when they don’t want to be overheard! (but u need to speak 1337!)

Anyway, basics are covered here.


- find a client program that speaks IRC, on Windows mirc is popular, on OS X, you're using Colloquy if you have any taste.
  If you run Linux you aren't reading this because you have clue already.
- connect to
- /join #suimasenscans (or just Join Room... in Colloquy)
- Begin trolling

Our channel tends to be low-volume so you may not find any active nicknames, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get any response, try again at a different time.

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