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March 3, 2013

Death to the Fascist Insect (Hokkenshitsu 13)

by bulanbek
to return to the ultimate refutation of thinghood -to be non-nothing... to be nothing

I’m really struggling to overcome my bourgeois upbringing.

Only three girls, their teacher, an abducted heiress and her maid stand in the way of Japan degenerating into a BACKWOODS YET CORPORATE NIGHTMARE. First load up on cyanide bullets, and then:

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September 4, 2012

Little Miss Perfect (Hokkenshitsu 12)

by bulanbek

Hokkenshitsu Chapter 12: it’s like The Help, only with more drooling

Hokkenshitsu’s first volume, encompassing chapters 1-10, came out Japan today. In celebration (and not at all due to random chance), here’s chapter 12.

In this chapter the already admittedly flimsy premise of Hokkenshitsu breaks down even further as we we meet two new characters— the refined Maria Abe and her maid Eva— who are apparently not sick, deranged, or injured in any way! WHAT!?

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Bulan; Proofreader: pseu]

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July 7, 2012

Mooned (Joshiraku 14)

by bulanbek

This plotline was rejected for the fourth Twilight movie because it was “too highbrow.”

With the release of the Joshiraku anime adaptation, we figured that it was high time we get off our lazy butts and get more of the manga translated. We’re still <cough> over a year <cough> behind, but catching up fast.

For those of you who are new to Joshiraku and are interested in picking up the series from the beginning now that it’s on TV, chapters 1-13 can be found here.

In this chapter the girls participate in Tsukimi, the traditional autumn viewing of the moon. This being Joshiraku, things immediately go off the rails and our budding rakugoka are confronted by an enraged, seven-foot-tall rabbit! What will be their fate? Read Joshiraku Chapter 14 and find out!

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[Translators: Hika, Kasu; Typesetter: Bulan; Proofreader: IO]

June 18, 2012

Color Me Blood Red (SZS 290)

by bulanbek

“I sensed at once that in the perfect order of the universe a breach had opened, an irreparable rift.” – Italo Calvino, If on a winter’s night a traveller

In winter many things fade, frost over, or lose their color. The girls of class 3-F have the opposite problem- they’re seeing colors where none should exist! Soon enough, they start to see more than just colors…

The unexpected revelations begun in Chapter 289 continue here! (Also continuing: wanton abuse of Sensei’s nipples.)

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[Translator: Umin; Typesetter: Bulan; Proofreader: IO]

July 24, 2011

Off the Deep End (SZS 213)

by bulanbek

"The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness. " - Laozi

After watching Avatar in 3D, the members of class 2-F begin to see extra dimensions of depth even in things that are shallow and meaningless. Will Abiru’s lack of depth perception save the day? Can Sensei succeed in his quest to become a “deeper man” than world-renowned fish-shaped-hat enthusiast Sakana-kun? Find out now!

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[Translator: Umin Typesetter: bulan Proofreader: slyborg]

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