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January 5, 2014

Dem Hats (Sekkaku 01)

by Umin


A Happy New Year to everyone and a big suimasen to all the people who’ve been waiting for ages by now, but here it finally is: Kumeta Kōji’s new series.

Sekkachi hakushaku to jikan dorobō, or Le comte impatient et le voleur du temps, how the fancy French subtitling says, deals with what the title already implies: an impatient count and a time thief. Apart from the obvious, it also seems to include a lot of the humor that already made SZS what it was. Also, hats. Really fabulous hats.

I personally decided to abbreviate the title to sekkaku, which also means something like “finally” in Japanese so that’s why we stylize it like that. Doesn’t really seem to have clicked with Japanese fans so far though.

As we’re taking things slowly as usual, please do not expect too much from us (wait, who expects anything from us in the first place?), but we’re more or less trying our best to bring you more and more chapters of this at least as long as no actual publisher gains some sanity and licenses this.

Long story short, just take a look at it to see if it pleases you
>>Get Chapter 1 here<<
[Translation: Umin, Typesetting: GreenTea, Proofreading: pseu
Thanks to Maar for getting us these raws and to ToastOfDoom for saving Christmas]

July 22, 2013

All Hail the Kaiser! (Azazel-san 09)

by Umin

In case you haven’t been worshipping him yet, do so now!

Oh hai, long time no see, I guess. While I haven’t really been translating stuff lately, at least today I have the great honor to present yet another chapter of our favorite demons. Fear them! Also, fear host clubs! And hosts! And everything.

Kneel down in front of Kaiser Azazel and get this chapter
[translation: straykumo, typeset and cleans: KageHitsu, proofread: slyborg, redraws: Namonai]

(P.S.: Saku-chan is awesome. I love her.)

December 15, 2011

All hail the mighty pile of pr0n (Getenrou ch1)

by Umin

After a desperate cry coming from /a/nonscanlations, we decided to pick up “Getenrou” by Masakazu Ishiguro.
This short series of 9 chapters was published in Kodansha’s literary magazine Mephisto (the one where for example NisiOisin publishes his novels before they’re made into whole books) and it’s some pretty god-tier mystery puzzle if you ask me (and it made me cry).

Since I don’t want to spoil the mood, I’ll just give you a translation of the description on the book cover:

Strange people are surrounding a bulding called Getenrou. There’s boys looking for erotica, a space officer, robots, and a murder happens…?
Officer Sakuraba Saeko is following siblings who are holding the key to solve the mystery, and starts her own investigations.
What her “slobby” logic clears up, is an astonishing truth hidden in Getenrou….!?
Oddly twisted, joyful and sad – a strange mystery drawn by Ishiguro Masakazu!!

And the additional info: Our first chapter features three boys looking for pr0n and solving a mystery concerning said pr0n. Enjoy.

Get the chapter

September 12, 2011

Don’t laugh (SZS 267)

by Umin

This time, mere text shall speak for itself

There. You read it. It’s banned. It’s BANNED.
Don’t lol. Don’t laugh. Be serious.
Don’t you even lift up the corners of your mouth when looking and this.

> There you go <
[Translation: Umin; Cleaning: Oyashiro; Typesetting: Umin; Proofread: IO]
Remember not to laugh when reading this. Not a bit.

>Translator’s Notes<

August 22, 2011

Don’t ask the neighbors (Kumeta oneshot)

by Umin

Well... is it?

Yeah I know, O-Bon’s over already so we’re actually a bit late – but I hope you can forgive us.

We’re digging and digging – deep into the graveyards of old Kumeta oneshots. After we already had presented you with chicks inheriting soccer clubs and sisters throwing around false accusations, we can now give you this piece of Kumeta, called  “A Brooding, Gloomy Property”  (or for original fags: Yûryôbukken Chûkaishimasu), which was republished in vol. 13 of the new KK reprints and is even older than KK – ancient stuff from 1996.

Our story deals with a young and poor student moving to Tokyo, looking for an apartment that doesn’t cost a fortune. And what he finds….

Well, get that
[Translation: Umin; Typesetting: Oyashiro; Proofreading: slyborg, Ariel]
(Don’t believe the credits, I did so translate this, I swear!)