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December 13, 2011

It’s Slow, So Let’s Make Things Interesting…

by suimasenscans

Alright, nothing’s really been going on for a week, so I figure that I’ll run a little contest.

The part with the rocket in the 3rd SZS opening is shot for shot homage to which film? Also name the music that plays in the background during the original scene and its composer.

The first three to answer correctly will be informed of one of the secret Christmas gifts we’re working on! Also included will some goodies which will be determined (although a two-page spread will be invovled).

We’ll see how this goes, maybe we’ll run similar contests in the future.
(Hokkenshitsu 4 will be out at some point in time tomorrow, depending on the difficulty of the final exam I’ll be working on.)


EDIT: Put an email address with your comment with the answer so I can email this stuff to you.

December 5, 2011

Why KK ep. 5 is taking so long.

by suimasenscans


Slyborg after a day of using programs that begin with ‘a’.

August 2, 2011


by suimasenscans

You guys were busy while I was gone.


April 29, 2011


by slyborg

With the upcoming release of the KK OVAs, as well as the special just published, decided to put up a quick post with some snaps our former TL Kasu collected some time ago of the character design for Kaizō over the series. Kind of interesting to see Kumeta-sensei’s style evolve within this manga…

May 2, 2010

Slow News Days…

by suimasenscans

While all of you are waiting for nothing to get done, I’m busy making a cutout penguin army.

But it is Pen-Square, Get it?

Unfortunately, it's not Pen^2

I just need a box cutter and a little glue, and my job will be so much easier.


(If you want Mahou Loli 9, someone’s gonna need to get us good scans. The best ones we have right now look like this.