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April 29, 2018

Low Battery (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 23)

by slyborg

This manga is all about PLOT.


Current temperature in Chicago: 49° F. So looks like we won’t actually have Spring here this year, so I’m forced to end our winter vacation by the Golden Week Rule. Happy Showa Day to all.

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[Translation]: slyborg [Clean]: Flipp/Dazli [Typeset]: slyborg [Proof]: tabv [Raw Provider]: Vortex Scans

This also took a bit longer than expected, for various reasons having to do with the fact that scanlation is a hard, cruel life, and only those without one would choose it. But for those who persevere with it, there is glorious Arrestass as a reward.

This concludes FIJC volume 4, as well as the original scans from Vortex, let us all toast long-departed kundumstaf for his work. Also thanks to the platoon of cleaners who worked on this, if we had had one more I think this wouldn’t have ever been released. I generally prefer to typeset something once :/

Now that this millstone is off my neck, going to knock out some more Oedo Unplugged, and then we’ll see. FIJC v5 needs scanning, since the pubraws out there are unusable, so probably going to be a bit of a wait; hopefully less than a year this time 😦 As always, please wait warmly.

September 3, 2017

It’s An Isekai Chapter (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 22)

by slyborg

Finally got around to getting a Juuden-chan chapter out, eh. It’s not like I’m desperately trolling for additional clean/typeset help or anything… thanks to [Kicchiri] for proof help.

Are the Cubs in the World Series again, yet?

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[Translation]: slyborg [Clean & Typeset]: slyborg [Proof]: Rayleigh, tabv [Raw Provider]: Vortex Scans

On that topic, our typesetter shane is off to university, our best wishes to him there.

One more chapter to finish volume 4…

May 6, 2017

Charge Leakage (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 21)

by slyborg

The French Presidential Election isn’t the only thing featuring unexplained leaks … the Leakage Girls are tasked with monitoring Plug for reasons that seem increasingly nefarious…

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[Translation]: slyborg [Clean & Typeset]: shane [Raw Provider]: Vortex Scans

So, this took a little bit longer than expected, our typesetter shane is still mastering the intricacies of our business here, but has done a fine job with this chapter. With a little bit of luck we will be able to deliver future chapters more quickly. Things seem to be busy for everyone lately, hence the lack of output here. Another factor may have been my decision to improve my Japanese by downloading Granblue Fantasy and grinding crystals like a beast. I can stop anytime I want, though… I just want to hit Rank 50…

Couple of other things in the pipeline we should get out in the next week or so; you can help move things along if you drop by our IRC channel and harass the Kicchiri guys so they stop hanging around and eating all of the cheese schnitzel.

January 29, 2017

A Wrinkle in Time (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 20/20.5)

by slyborg
Suimasen : Longer, Harder, and Uncut

Suimasen : Longer, Harder, and Uncut

So. I know what you’re thinking.

>Still translating Oriental comic books

Please don’t judge. Since Kicchiri prodded us to finish RootP, I started cleaning up the Suimasen basement, and while rummaging around in there, I found the translation scripts I did for Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!2 1/2 years ago for Vortex Scans (<_<). Unfortunately, my timing was bad there, since their leader kundumstaf had to leave the group to minister to the whores of Babylon or something. As is usually the case, Vortex pretty shortly thereafter drove into a ditch and died. I kind of forgot about the whole thing, but I had actually translated all of the remaining chapters of Volume 4. And I hate to see work wasted, especially mine, so I have decided to typeset these chapters. No promises on doing any more than that, this will largely depend on whether or not any helpful anons appear to provide the many hands that make light the load.

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[Translation,]: slyborg [Raw Provider]: Vortex Scans

Next up will be more RootP, and then I think a new project that I’ve decided to undertake. As always, we will be doing everything in マイペース Suimasen style, so brush up on your Wait Warmly skills. Once again, if some helpers appear, things will go faster. Please drop by our IRC channel and raise a hand, someone will be with you presently.

Hope everyone has a happy and healthy Year of the Rooster!