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June 1, 2018

The Kids Are Alright (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 8)

by slyborg

More Oedo Unplugged?

Additional OU for your perusal. All none of you reading this, lol.

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Tama’s hairstyle is a miracle of the biyouin art and defies all known laws of physiology. Apparently Japanese of the Edo period had an unbelievable follicle density, which is odd since the chonmage was the default hairstyle for men. Maybe they all had male pattern baldness.

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December 21, 2017

Baby Diver (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 7)

by slyborg

Babies rock! Actually, they mostly scream a lot and piss themselves… now that I think about it, pretty much like most rockers…

So, we’ve been busy,  &c. “They say we’re lazy, but it takes all our time…”

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Now that we’ve got the band together, girls get warmed up with some baby rescuing. Who doesn’t like a cute baby… especially a cute baby that can somehow climb a temple bell tower in 30 seconds…

October 12, 2017

Vampire Weekend (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 6)

by slyborg

By popular demand

I probably should have saved this one for Halloween.

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The classic portrayal of the vampire, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, dates from 1897. While similar stories first became popular in the early to mid 19th century, it is unlikely these would have been known during the Tenpou era. Japan’s affection for the cryptid seems to date from the 1950s, probably thanks to the dissemination of Hollywood portrayals of the Dracula story.

The Japanese word for the Western vampire,  kyuuketsuki is derived from the reading of the kanji version of the word – 吸血鬼, literally ‘blood-sucking demon’.

September 19, 2017

A Wild Loli Suddenly Appears! (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 5)

by slyborg

That’s not how you make tea, Mystical Loli!!

And our dramatis personae are now complete (for the time being).

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A sort of mystery in this series and in the recent Onihei anime adaptation is the presence of what appear to be inflated rubber balls. This seems incongruous in Edo-era Japan, since manufacturing gum rubber in such a form would seem to have been beyond the capability of the Japanese economy at the time. Were they imported? Why didn’t they use them to invent basketball? They invented soft tennis almost as soon as tennis and rubber balls appeared in Japan, after all.


June 25, 2017

Oiran Kotoba 2 (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 4)

by slyborg

Another release?!

Oh, she was just 17 / If you know, what I mean…

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TL Note for this one, on page 2 Aki confuses 年金 nenkin ‘pension’ with 年季 nenki ‘indenture contract’. Yeah, not up to Kumeta’s standard for puns. Also, Oharu best shimobe.