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May 7, 2017

Just the Two of Us (Root Paradise Ch. 18)

by slyborg

Where is the Chapter page, TS-kun?

The two of us being our gallant and sometimes forgetful typesetter Rayleigh and yours truly. Oh, and Haruhei and Natsuki start getting real. Maybe. Possibly.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 18 <<
[Translator: slyborg Cleaner/Typesetter: Rayleigh Proofreader: slyborg]

Six chapters left. Buckle up.


March 17, 2017

The Departed (Root Paradise Ch. 17)

by slyborg

Making things great again is hard…

>tfw you realize that this is the chapter where Kumeta found out the manga was being cancelled ;_; Start of the final arc of RootP.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 17 <<
[Translator: slyborg Cleaner/Typesetter: Rayleigh Proofreader: slyborg]

Our hard-working cleaner Rayleigh has been promoted to hard-working cleaner and typesetter here, thanks to him for handling both duties on this chapter!


February 19, 2017

Getting High (Root Paradise Ch. 16)

by slyborg

Sometimes, life is just a boar…

Haruhei comes up with another bright idea…

>> Root Paradise Ch. 16 <<
[Translator: slyborg Cleaner: Rayleigh Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: GreenTea]

A couple of welcomes are in order here, Rayleigh has joined the cause here and managed to clean all of the remaining chapters of RootP for us (!) which is a great help. And GreenTea did a proofread for old time’s sake because he made the mistake of hanging around the IRC channel a year or two too long. Thank you to both of them!


December 17, 2016

Math Problems (Root Paradise Ch. 15)

by slyborg

In 10 years nobody will know what a ‘newspaper’ is

Our friends at [Kicchiri] have taken up the banner of scanlating the current works of Kumeta-sensei, but are too clever to undertake this effort for some of his earlier and … shall we say less ambitious works. tabv is a mathematician by trade, and modeling Suimasen as a Turing machine he realized that the halting problem for a scanlation group is undecidable. So he basically tricked me into doing this.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 15 <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg Proofreader: totally-not-slyborg]

It was always something of an irritation to me that we never actually finished any of Kumeta’s stuff besides one-shots, and RootP, while something he probably would rather forget, is probably my only chance. So please wait warmly for the next 9000 years until we finish.

Ridiculously cold here in the central US even for December … kind of a welcome distraction to join Haruhei on his resort island … for as long as he gets to stay there. Ne.


March 20, 2014

Life Is A Beach (Root Paradise Ch. 14)

by slyborg
Land, Ho's!

Land Ho’s!

More RootP? Is such a thing even possible? We are equally shocked, believe me!

Haruhei is putting his next master plan in motion, can’t go wrong with babes at the beach, right?

>> Root Paradise Ch. 14 <<
>> Mirror <<
[Translator: Umin Typesetter: taketori Proofreader: slyborg]

Umin translated this approximately 9000 years ago, and our cleaner taketori was game to give some typesetting a try, and did a credible job, ne? So we take another step towards our goal of actually completing a Kumeta-sensei work, albeit one he most likely wishes he’d never have to take credit for. But like I’ve said in the past, I like it … it’s unpretentious, blatantly pandering, and an early look at how his signature style evolved. Did I mention it blatantly pandered?

It is supposedly Spring now here in the Northern Hemisphere, and I woke up to an inch of snow on the ground. Zetsuboushita…