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July 7, 2017

Furu Furu Furu Tanabata!

by slyborg

Happened to be at the local Nipponese grocery this evening and remembered it was Tanabata 七夕 tonight when I spotted this:

Not the most impressive Tanabata bush, but hey.

Think you find the same general things on tanzaku everywhere…

What do cats wish for?

Or maybe not:

Glorious Leader will purge this with nuclear fire

They ran out of paper slips, so I had to write mine on the back of a Pastry House Hippo receipt :/

As it happens, we also have the midsummer Full Moon high overhead tonight, so Orihime and Hikoboshi should be able to reunite happily this year.

Hope everyone’s wishes come true, and that everyone is having a nice summer…

November 13, 2016

Suddenly, SZS!

by slyborg


Was idly surfing Engadget, which had a story on Amazon’s new manga-centric Kindle for the Japanese market. What caught my eye was the manga the reviewer was using to demo the product. Good taste, Mat Smith.


November 9, 2015

Kakushigoto Teaser

by slyborg
>mfw I released something again

>mfw I released something again

Yeah, well, this hardly qualifies as a release, eh. But Kumeta-sensei has a new series in the works, after the demise of Sekkachi in January. We’ll see if this offering does any better. Hopefully this isn’t some kind of nostalgia farewell tour for him, but doesn’t look promising, since the other thing he’s done lately is the “Studio Pulp” greatest hits collection in Le Paradis. A thousand apologies for the screencaps, but couldn’t find real raws, and also don’t have a real redrawer, so as always, suimasen.

>> Get Kakushigoto Preview here <<
[Translator: slyborg Typesetter: slyborg]

So, sasuga Kumeta, the manga title has a double meaning. ‘Kakushigoto’ as 隠し事 means ‘a secret’, written as 描く仕事 means ‘a drawing/illustrating job’. So the last page final panel literally says ‘the kakushigoto was kakushigoto‘. You’d think he’d get tired of this after 20 years, but it’s what the man does, ne.

February 10, 2015

Fate Kaleid Batch Links Updated

by slyborg


In the never-ending struggle against the forces of automated copyright trolling, those of us that want others to have nice things must be eternally vigilant. TL;DR – Project page now has updated links including the batches of the original series (of which Suimasen only did the last 4 chapters), as well as batch for 2wei. Names are slightly obfuscated to make the bot herders work harder, but no promises, eh.

Still would like to re-master the series, was working off old-school small format magraws in the dark ages of five years ago, and some of the chapters, particularly ch. 9 were off some heinous black and white Share raws. Or maybe Kadokawa will finally license the thing for English translation. It’s like they hate money…

September 24, 2014

Why we can’t have nice things

by slyborg

reallyJust a head’s up, some bot is launching DMCA takedowns for the Fate Kaleid stuff which some bot at Mediafire is automatically disabling the files links for because Mediafire sucks. Use the mirrors, or use the Force to find alternate downloads.

“Remove Your Media , LLC4760 Preston Rd Ste 244-227Frisco, TX 75034 USAPh: 866-541-5173E-mail: infringement@removeyourmedia.com9/23/2014 3:53:09 PMre: ( IP )ELECTRONIC NOTICE OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTI, the undersigned, CERTIFY UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that I am anagent authorized to act on behalf of whose exclusive copyrights are beinginfringed. The information in this notice is accurate.Original Works & Copyright Holder(s):Japan Creative Contents Alliance LLC1201 Orange Street, Suite 600,One CommerceWilmington, Delaware 19801The work in question is Copyright Japanese Anime, Title(s):Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya”