October 3, 2017

Live Fast (Root Paradise Ch. 21)

by slyborg


[Kumeta table-flipping noises] “Cancelled? I’ll show you cancelled…”

>> Root Paradise Ch. 21 <<
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I know what you’re thinking. Don’t get excited yet, we could still decide to take 5 or 6 years off before releasing more chapters…


September 19, 2017

A Wild Loli Suddenly Appears! (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 5)

by slyborg

That’s not how you make tea, Mystical Loli!!

And our dramatis personae are now complete (for the time being).

>> Get Oedo!! Unpluged Ch. 5 here <<
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A sort of mystery in this series and in the recent Onihei anime adaptation is the presence of what appear to be inflated rubber balls. This seems incongruous in Edo-era Japan, since manufacturing gum rubber in such a form would seem to have been beyond the capability of the Japanese economy at the time. Were they imported? Why didn’t they use them to invent basketball? They invented soft tennis almost as soon as tennis and rubber balls appeared in Japan, after all.


September 3, 2017

It’s An Isekai Chapter (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 22)

by slyborg

Finally got around to getting a Juuden-chan chapter out, eh. It’s not like I’m desperately trolling for additional clean/typeset help or anything… thanks to [Kicchiri] for proof help.

Are the Cubs in the World Series again, yet?

> Get FIJC 22 here <<
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On that topic, our typesetter shane is off to university, our best wishes to him there.

One more chapter to finish volume 4…

July 30, 2017

Back In Business (Root Paradise Ch. 20)

by slyborg

Ganbatte ne.

Well, Haruhei and Natsuki are, at any rate. Suimasen, not so much. Summer doldrums, etc.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 20 <<
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Four more chapters. Brace for incoming asspull.


July 7, 2017

Furu Furu Furu Tanabata!

by slyborg

Happened to be at the local Nipponese grocery this evening and remembered it was Tanabata 七夕 tonight when I spotted this:

Not the most impressive Tanabata bush, but hey.

Think you find the same general things on tanzaku everywhere…

What do cats wish for?

Or maybe not:

Glorious Leader will purge this with nuclear fire

They ran out of paper slips, so I had to write mine on the back of a Pastry House Hippo receipt :/

As it happens, we also have the midsummer Full Moon high overhead tonight, so Orihime and Hikoboshi should be able to reunite happily this year.

Hope everyone’s wishes come true, and that everyone is having a nice summer…