May 7, 2017

Just the Two of Us (Root Paradise Ch. 18)

by slyborg

Where is the Chapter page, TS-kun?

The two of us being our gallant and sometimes forgetful typesetter Rayleigh and yours truly. Oh, and Haruhei and Natsuki start getting real. Maybe. Possibly.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 18 <<
[Translator: slyborg Cleaner/Typesetter: Rayleigh Proofreader: slyborg]

Six chapters left. Buckle up.


May 6, 2017

Charge Leakage (Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!! Ch 21)

by slyborg

The French Presidential Election isn’t the only thing featuring unexplained leaks … the Leakage Girls are tasked with monitoring Plug for reasons that seem increasingly nefarious…

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[Translation]: slyborg [Clean & Typeset]: shane [Raw Provider]: Vortex Scans

So, this took a little bit longer than expected, our typesetter shane is still mastering the intricacies of our business here, but has done a fine job with this chapter. With a little bit of luck we will be able to deliver future chapters more quickly. Things seem to be busy for everyone lately, hence the lack of output here. Another factor may have been my decision to improve my Japanese by downloading Granblue Fantasy and grinding crystals like a beast. I can stop anytime I want, though… I just want to hit Rank 50…

Couple of other things in the pipeline we should get out in the next week or so; you can help move things along if you drop by our IRC channel and harass the Kicchiri guys so they stop hanging around and eating all of the cheese schnitzel.

March 25, 2017

Last Dango in Edo (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 2)

by slyborg

Tokugawa SpaceX Test Launch

More OU for you.

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[Translator: slyborg  Clean: Rayleigh Typesetter: slyborg Proof: Rayleigh]

Your cultural/historical note here is the loan amount that appears in this chapter – 10 ryō. During the Tokugawa Shogunate, one ryō was considered roughly the equivalent in value to 1 koku, the amount of rice needed to feed a person for a year. 10 ryō would be an enormous sum for a shop owner, and of course at 90% interest the loan shark has no intention of allowing it to ever be successfully repaid.

Thanks to Rayleigh for much appreciated help cleaning and proofing this chapter, and thanks to Kicchiri’s translator Ditch, who helped me decipher Shogunate-era legalese in cursive!


March 17, 2017

The Departed (Root Paradise Ch. 17)

by slyborg

Making things great again is hard…

>tfw you realize that this is the chapter where Kumeta found out the manga was being cancelled ;_; Start of the final arc of RootP.

>> Root Paradise Ch. 17 <<
[Translator: slyborg Cleaner/Typesetter: Rayleigh Proofreader: slyborg]

Our hard-working cleaner Rayleigh has been promoted to hard-working cleaner and typesetter here, thanks to him for handling both duties on this chapter!


February 25, 2017

Welcome To Rock & Roll Fight! (Oedo!! Un❤️pluged! Ch. 1)

by slyborg
Rock Over Japan

Rock Over Japan

So, new project. Since we’re a dead scan group, seems appropriate that we should focus on dead manga, ne? I believe we have hit upon a foolproof strategy here : No Raws, No Serialization, and No Furigana. This pretty much drops the hijack probability to zero. All of these properties are present in Oedo!! Unpluged by Shinji Inamitsu. This was a 2009-2010 vintage effort that just stopped after 20 chapters; while never officially ended per se,  since Inamitsu moved from Shogakukan to Akita Shoten it’s fairly unlikely to see a continuation. However, the series was charming while it lasted, and as long-term readers here may recall, I’m a sucker for kimonos…

>> Get Oedo!! Unpluged Ch. 1 here <<
[Translator: slyborg  Typesetter: slyborg Proof: shane]

Story here is pretty straightforward – Japanese high school Rocker Grrl goes back in time and has adventures in Old Tokyo. Later on there is a Fightan Tensai Loli, which satisfies the other required criteria for manga I scanlate, which is of course fightan lolis.

This being Suimasen … Translation Notes!
– The Tenpō Era this takes place in refers to the Imperial nengō or era which ran from 1830-1844. The 5th year of Tenpō would make the year 1835 or 173 years before the 2008 present of the manga. The shōgun at this time was Tokugawa Ienari, “…who was known as a degenerate who kept a harem of 900 women and fathered over 75 children.” Just like my Asian burlesques!
– On p. 29, the “Danjuurou” referred to would have been Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII, the 8th to adopt that name in the famous Ichikawa family of kabuki actors. The last of the lineage to carry the name was the 12th, who died in 2013, but his son is also a kabuki actor of note.

Also would like to welcome our new staffer shane, who was drafted into proofing duty here. His main responsibility is Juuden-chan, of which we should have a new chapter out shortly, but please continue to wait warmly.