Aki Sora – Guy meets girl. Girl wants sex. Guy gives girl sex. The problem? The girl is his sister.
This project has moved over to Sunset Chaps

Fate/Kaleid – Follow magical girl Illya as she struggles to survive the rigors of school and an evil clone of herself.

GO!! Southern Ice Hockey Club! – The story of a young hockey player in Japan, whose high school, oddly enough, has a hockey team. — Currently on hold — (need translator)

Hokkenshitsu – A monthly gag manga about cute, sick girls doing cute, sick things in the school infirmary. Art and story by Yasu.

Joshiraku – Girls sit around and talk. It’s like Lucky Star, only more so.

Katteni Kaizo – A guy takes one too many bumps to the head and falls under the delusion that he’s a cyborg. Not only that, he’s being chased by a large number of angry students from the Genius Cram School, which he accidentally blew up after a previous blow to the head.

Oneshots and Other Specials: From time to time, we’ll pick up a one shot or short other project to alleviate the boredom of constantly working on the same series over and over.

Root Paradise – The Cabaret Root Paradise was an early effort by Kumeta-sensei revolving around the efforts of a ronin or failed college entrance exam student to get a passing score, and score with the prettiest girl in his cram school, who happens to part-time as a bar hostess.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – A human drama about the marvelous misadventures of a suicidal school teacher as he struggles to die despite the best efforts of his lovesick female students.

Tokkyuu – The story of a thickheaded young man as he does everything in his power to learn how to become the best rescue diver there ever was. It’s like Pokemon, except with saving lives instead of catching them all. Oh, and he drowns a lot.

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