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Rakugo is a unique Japanese cultural form of traditional storytelling that dates from the Edō period. The girls in Joshiraku are rakugoka, and their lengthy names are traditional stage names, usually given by a master to his students. Traditionally, the apprentice adopts the surname used by their master, a convention also followed in kabuki and other traditional Japanese forms. Kōji Kumeta appears to be something of a fan of the genre, as the character of Jun Kūdo in Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei is sometimes depicted as a traditional rakugoka.


New World Encyclopedia Article

Account of a visit to a traditional rakugo venue.

Chapter List

Chapter 1 (Magazine Scan)
Chapter 2 (Magazine Scan)
Chapter 3 (Magazine Scan)
Chapter 4 (Magazine Scan)
Chapter 5 (Wideban Scan)
Chapter 6 (Wideban Scan)
Chapter 7 (Wideban Scan)
Chapter 8 (Magazine Scan)
Chapter 9 (Wideban Scan)
Chapter 10 (Wideban Scan)
Volume 1 Omake

Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14

7 Responses to “Joshiraku”

  1. *0* Tottemo kakkoi desu~ *0*

    Thank’s for this mangá *0*

  2. Thank’s for this mangá *0*

  3. Hey, you guys are legends for doing this. Just want to let you know how much I love this.
    Do you have a clue as to where could I get the character CD they talk about in the last release?

  4. Haha, Love manga full of randomness. Reminds of the random talk in Lucky star e.g. the chocopuff thing.

  5. i liked the anime, i found the manga here so… thanks a lot!


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