Oneshots and Other Specials

From time to time, we’ll pick up a side project, to kill time, to relieve stress, or just because it looks cooler than our normal projects. This place is pretty much just a dump site for the projects that aren’t big enough to deserve their own page at the moment.

Short Series

Occult Academy is the story of Kumashiro Maya, who comes to Waldstein Academy to attend the funeral of her estranged father. During the funeral, she is confronted by a reanimated body of her father, who begins to attack the students. She may say she hates the occult, but when it gets right down to it, she’s oddly knowledgeable in the field… (Written and illustrated by Toru Kei)

Getenrou is a series of interrelated short stories that detail the goings on of an apartment complex named Getenrou. There’s boys looking for dirty magazines, demon warriors, space rangers, robots…and murder. Officer Sakuraba Saeko steps in to investigate the mystery with her “fuzzy” logic. Written and illustrated by Ichiguro Mazakazu and nominated for the 2012 Manga Taisho award.

Getenrou 1
Getenrou 2
Getenrou 3
Getenrou 4
Getenrou 5
Getenrou 6
Getenrou 7
Getenrou 8
Getenrou 9


Bloody Little Circus is a story written and illustrated by Suzumi Atsushi. Anna is a little vampire with a fondness for cute little animals. She has a tendency to go overboard and suck the blood of every little animal she sees, giving it wings by turning it into her familiar. When she happens across a circus one day, can she resist the temptation, or will she end up running her own little circus?

Tokuni Maketemo Kamawanai is a short written by Koji Kumeta between the ending of Katteni Kaizo and the beginning of Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei. Milan’s father is a soccer manager. On his deathbed, he entrusts her with the team, FC Sudden Death. Once a great power in J1, they’ve found themselves kicked out of the league and on the skids. Will Milan be able to turn the team around, or will she fall victim to the numerous pranks the team members play on each other?

A Gloomy, Brooding Property is another short written by Koji Kumeta all the way back in 1996. It features a young man hunting an apartment in Tokyo. He finds one, a palatial apartment in a vacant complex. The landlord says there’s only one rule, but horror being what it is, our protagonist quickly breaks it…

Iigakari Nee-san is Kumeta’s most recent short, also written around the time of Tokuni. This guy has a sister, who likes to accuse people of anything and everything. She finds a job at a department store, but she quickly falls into her bad habits. But she’s not the only one who’s capable of making false accusations…

Spoiler Wars is a short by Tachibana Roku, an up and coming new mangaka who won Kodansha’s Newcomer Prize in 2011. Mistake 1: spoiling someone’s favorite anime. Mistake 2: that someone happens to be a member of the kendo club. Mistake 3: they also happen to carry a katana around. Mistake 4: they show a mastery of psychological warfare. Terada, our protagonist, has made all of the above mistakes with his friend Hikami, and must survive the increasingly terrifying measures she uses to take vengeance.

Doujinshi (All SFW, I think.)

Shinji and Asuka and a Hot Day – It’s a really warm day for our two most favorite pyschologically disturbed mech warriors. Asuka wants ice cream.

SZS Douga – Remember that Lillycure segment of SZS? Yeah, someone decided to expand on it a little.

Penguindrum doujin – Hatmode Hikari just wants someone to see through her icy facade and talk down to her. Kanba sees this and encourages Shouma to BE A MAN.

6 Comments to “Oneshots and Other Specials”

  1. Hey guys, thanks for this stuff!
    I did want to ask though: are some of the pages in the Penguindrum DJ corrupted? Pages 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 14 all show up as black with colored lines on them o__O

    • Sorry for the slow reply…I downloaded it to see if everything worked, and I had no problems on my end. I would try redownloading it and seeing if that helps. If not, I’ll try to work something out.

  2. thank you guys, I’ll download the occult academy manga.(I didn’t know about It)

  3. Hello, I am FalzarX, a translator of
    Can I use your scans to translate into Vietnamese?
    I promise that I will mention your group in my credit ( i.e: This is based on Suimasensans product.)
    Thank you.

  4. Thanks for the lovely doujinshi! You have no idea how unbelievably rare and difficult to find funny SFW scanlated doujinshi! xD

    Also, would anyone mind reuploading ‘Shinji and Asuka and a Hot Day?’ The Mediafire links appears dead.

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