Suimasen Scans is in need of people (read, cannon fodder) for various positions. If you want to apply, please join our IRC-Channel (#suimasenscans on IRChighway) You may also want to check the availability of the jobs, because employment revolves around the number of translators (gods, as we call them) we have.

Translator – We can’t start any new projects until we increase our number of translators, and as we all know, most of us would rather have a tooth pulled than finding a translator. So, if you’re interested in translating for us, just join our IRC-channel, and hopefully, we can avoid having to make unnecessary trips to the dentist. We can negotiate some sort of non-monetary (we’s poor people here) compensation for your work, such as assistance with another series you would like translated.
Requirements: Enough Japanese and English skills to translate a Japanese sentence to an understandable English sentence.

We want you. Seriously.

Not a god? Serve as a high priest instead!

Proofreader/QC – For this job, we need someone skilled with English, most suitably a native or long-time speaker, to review our translator’s scripts and QC the final product. Unfortunately, this is probably the easiest position to hold because of the relatively few requirements, so you’d either be rather good with the language, or a rather colorful personality. GreenTea prefers the latter.

Not really needed at the moment

Cleaner/Typesetter – We normally combine the jobs of cleaner and typesetter, as we use HQ tankobon raws which don’t normally require a lot of cleaning work to be done. As cleaner, you’re only going to encounter minimal straightening of images and possibly having to level a few images (we’ll show you how to do it, if you need refreshing). As typesetter, the only requirements are that you don’t use MS Paint, and you don’t completely suck at centering text in a bubble by eye. Previous experience is a plus, but not necessary.

Due to increasing restrictions on the time available to some of our typesetters, we’re in need of some cleaners who can come in and remove the text from bubbles. For most series, this is about 1/3 of the total time spent working on a chapter, so any help on this front is appreciated.

Applications currently being accepted.

We’ll try to keep this page updated.

39 Responses to “Recruitment”

  1. Hello, I’m Emma and I saw that you were recruiting proofreaders’? Well, I could take that job 🙂 I know English very well, it’s my native tongue. I also know a little Japanese as well. I was wondering; do you need a special program to do it with? (If I were to help out) I’m interested in the task, so if you are willing to let me help out just e-mail me and tell me what to do. Just let me know, please.
    -Emma. (>.<)

  2. Hey, I can read that you need typesetters and cleaners. I don’t really have any previous experience with typesetting, but I do have a lot of experience with various image editing programs. If you are interested, just let me know.


  3. is the cleaner/typesetter position still open? if it is i would like to apply.I have some experience in typesetting before

  4. Seeing as Summer is just around the bend, I’m finding lots of spare time. I have no typesetting experience, but I have PS 5 and am willing to learn. I can also proofread if it is needed, as I do have some beastly grammar. For a Junior in High School…

  5. Hey,

    I’d like to typeset the latest Aki sora chapter. I’ve worked with a scanlation group for more than a year now and I have some experience as a cleaner, typesetter, and a proofer.

    I’m not sure I’d like to join this group seeing as I’m only interested in half the projects here at the moment, but I do want to see aki sora continue to get scanlated.

    Just respond to this to let me know if you’re interested.

  6. hello,
    if you are still looking for proofreaders then I’d like to chuck in an application, I’m proper english speaker 😛 and am studying literacy and creative writing at university, which helps out I guess. So if you guys are looking then hit me up

  7. Hi are you guys still looking for proofreader i would like to work for you guys

  8. Hey, I’m interested in the Proofreading job (because that’s really all i’m capable of), I’d be willing to proofread anything or everything. My japanese proficiency is kinda low, but when it comes to English I’m pretty good. Lemme know if you’d be willing to give me a shot. (wow….fail application. xD)

  9. Howdy, so, if you’re still looking for proofreaders, I’d absolutely love to give it a go! I’m English/American, it’s my native language, and I’m also taking both English Literature and English Language at very high grades, so I think I’d make a good job of it. I also get OCD about spelling and grammar. I do creative writing and all sorts, so please tell me if you require my help. I’d do anything you wanted, and am fine with all genres and types of manga.
    Thank you for reading my application!

  10. I’d like to help. But im just an 14 years old boy who constantly can’t stop thinking about making an anime and manga who only has about 7 hours to do fun stuff for a day.

    Im not really good at those stuff anyway. but i can at least do some miscellaneous idea help such as the chapter of sayonara zetsubou sensei where the lecturer get switched place…. why don’t you make the part of the page with that freakishly small talk bubble bigger so u can write them all down?

    P.S. don’t talk to me like im a little boi, i actually feel a bit more mature than the other bois at my school. It’s okay even when you talk about 18 yrs stuff…


    • Hey, thanks for the comment, and SZS is a kind of advanced manga to be reading at your age, there’s a lot of subtle humor used by Kumeta-sensei. You’ll probably want to reread his works later, because there will be stuff you missed the first time around, I have this experience myself. Better yet, learn Japanese, and you can read the original…!

      As for text sizing, we have to work with what’s available from the mangaka, since there’s usually not space to modify the artwork. Redoing the text is already a necessary evil, so we don’t touch artwork unless we absolutely have to…

      • Thanks. I actually love SZS more than any anime i ever watch.Don’t get me wrong, i watched a lot of animes that Naruto makes me sick even hearing about it.I don’t actually miss a thing , except references and that what made me read it a lot

  11. I would love to proofread for you all, if you still need someone that is! I am an English native speaker and 36. Qualified as a proofreader a few years ago and would love soome interesting and different work. This looks like it may be it!

  12. Grammatical errors are my enemies 🙂 My dad’s British so I’m not allowed to make English mistakes. xD I’d love to try for this position! 😀

  13. I’m definitely up for setting, cleaning, and/or proofreading Katteni Kaizou if you’re in need of a spare typesetter. I’m on chapter 34, you guys are doing an awesome job but there’s an incredible amount of chapters by the looks of it.

    Kumeta fanboy, grammar nazi, and design student with mad PS experience.

    Recently got into setting, it’d be cool to work on one of my most “next-chapter-awaited” manga.

  14. If you’re still looking for a translator, I’m interested since I’m reading the SZS raws anyway. For an example of my work, look at the TEA release of Umisho chapter 40. Unfortunately, the sys admin of the university here won’t allow IRC so I’m email only 😦

  15. I don’t seem to be able to get any response on IRC – is there any other way I can work for you? Want to do proofreading for you…

    Simone 🙂

  16. Hello! I’m not exactly looking to be recruited (OR AM I?) but I’ve been doing quite many Kumeta translations on my own, and I’m wondering whether you would be interested in incorporating them/linking to them somehow? I’ve been doing interviews, some Kumeta related scanlations of Moushima, manga omake (nude pictures, Kaizou writings), the old blog etc, of which I find at least the last two to be an important part of the Kumeta (and Kaizou!) experience. I’ve been posting my “work” to the SZS LJ comm, but it sort of feels like it would be better appreciated among general Kumeta fans, and this would be a more natural meeting point for that kind of people. Srsly, what you’re doing is awesome and to be able to be part of that, even if just a little, would be just… wow.

    • Ah, I’ve been reading those for a while, and was planning to ask you if you would allow us to post your stuff on Kumetan English wiki. I was hoping to make it a little more presentable before I started asking around for that, though. Feel free to sign up on Kumetan wiki, as it’s always good to have a lot of hands working on getting that up and running. Also feel free to join us on IRC and/or help us TL SZS and KK.

  17. I wish to apply to typesetter/cleaner, but I completely confused with IRC, where can I also put the aplication?

  18. Hi do you still need proofreaders? If you do I’d be happy to help, just shoot me an email at (I don’t know how to use IRC). Thanks ^^

  19. I currently proofread for Japanzai. They currently have a surplus of proofreaders, so I was wondering if you still are in need of a proofreader. If so, please drop me an email at Thanks!

    • It would be easier for us if you could just drop by on our IRC channel. If you have problems connecting to IRC, please tell us.

  20. Konbanwa. If there are available positions for proofreaders, I would like to apply. I’m a creative writer and would love to share my expertise and passion in this field of work. I can also do image editing. You can contact me through this e-mail, Thank you and have a blessed evening.

  21. hello…if u need cleaner+typesetter contact me

  22. I can do cleaning and proofreading, I already do in other scan groups.
    I do take longer if I have to do the whole volume at once, rather than one or two chapters at a time.

  23. Hi, do you still need jp translators?

  24. Hello. May i help your team with “fight ippatsu!! Juuden-chan!” as cleaner? And i little know how to type, so may i help you with this too? Sorry for my bad English, that it’s not my native language.


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